Massage naturiste mutuel paris 1

Mutual Body-body

200,00€ inc. tax

250,00€ inc. tax

350,00€ inc. tax

What could be more sensual than to share this moment of pure sensualism together? A naturist massage sensual Bodybody with exchange of mutual caresses. 

A relaxation absolved thanks to the Californian massage perfectly mastered with a sensualism of the most mesmerizing of the bodybody thanks to the mixture of the senses of touch and the view.... 

The mutual naturist massage also allows to mass the masseuse one moment to take advantage at best of this moment of exchange.


In the naturiste massage parlor Delices de Cloys


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Attention: The services are sensual but have no element of benefits of a sexual nature. Any indecent request will result in the immediate and definitive exclusion of our institute. Thanks for your understanding.