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Nuru Massage

200,00€ inc. tax

250,00€ inc. tax

300,00€ inc. tax

400,00€ inc. tax

The unique sensation of the Massage Nuru is due to its frost very slippery natural 100 % and its special inflatable mattress Nuru Massage.
One of the most erotic massages to the world thanks to techniques of massages allying sensualism and eroticism, strong and soft massage, the touch and the view. 

The masseuse slides on your body with all her body and masses you with her breast, his buttocks, her feet, ...

You take a shower with the masseuse after the massage to enclose this moment of happiness


In the naturiste massage parlor Delices de Cloys


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Attention: The services are sensual but have no element of benefits of a sexual nature. Any indecent request will result in the immediate and definitive exclusion of our institute. Thanks for your understanding.